Weekend Update: Jan 28-29

January 25, 2017

Training – Saturday Jan 28
Meet at pine trees behind the office (on the Paddy Wagon side) at 9am.
Meet at Triple Chair at 8:30am for the morning session.
Meet at Race Shack at 8:00am for Slalom. 
Meet at Triple Chair at 7:30am for GS Training.  Afternoon will be SL, so bring both skis!
(U19: Slalom Race at Blandford has been postponed.)

Training/Races – Sunday Jan 29
Meet at pine trees behind the office (on the Paddy Wagon side) at 9am.
1st Race of the Season!  Be at Butternut at 7:00am to pick up bibs in the upper lodge.  There are over 350 kids racing and the line for bib pick up will be long.  Kids should meet coaches ready to go (bibs on) at the regular meeting spot at the base of Main St at 8:15am for course inspection.
Coaches will let kids know the timing for the group to go to the Skills Quest Assessment.
Parents: Please remember that after your children complete the 1st run and Skills Quest, you are responsible for them (they will NOT be with coaches) until it is time for the afternoon run.  Coaches will make announcements in the Upper Lodge when kids need to gather for the 2nd run.
Slalom Race at Berkshire East (venue change from Eaglebrook)– Be ready to be on snow no later than 8am.
GS Race at Wachusett – Be ready to be on snow no later than 8am.
Meet at Triple Chair at 7:30am for GS Training. 


Interclub Race – Details for Volunteers
Skills Quest volunteer meeting on Saturday Jan 28 at 12:00pm at the Race Shack. Please come meet Rol and Jason for training.
Gate Judge Meeting on Saturday Jan 28 at 12:30pm at the Race Shack. Please come meet Rol and Bill for training.
For Race Day Sunday Jan 29
Registration Volunteers please be in the back room of the Upper Lodge at 7:00am.
All other volunteers should meet at the Race Shack at 8:15am for assignments.


Fundraising Drive
This year, we’d like to kick off a new fundraising campaign for our race club. It’s an online campaign managed by our athletes for our athletes. It will begin now and run through the end of February.  Our goal is for each racer to raise $500. The kids can ask 25 people to donate $20 (or any combination), and they will achieve their goal!  We’ve set up a way to raise funds easily using Crowdrise, an online donation software platform.  It’s very easy to donate using all major credit cards and the kids can share a link to their fundraising page via social media or email.  All donations may be completed on a smartphone and are tax deductible.  It’s super easy and very convenient.

Here’s How It Works
Help your child get started by creating an online account for them.  This is an important step since it will be the main hub for their fundraising activity including tracking progress versus their goal. They can write a personal message about their Butternut Race experience, upload a photo, share it with family, neighbors and friends and track their progress.  Here are the 6 easy steps to complete the set up:

1. Go to https://www.crowdrise.com/butternut-race-team
2. Click Fundraise for this campaign (it’s a gray box in the lower right hand corner)
3. At the bottom of pop up box click “don’t have an account”
4. Click “sign up”
5. Fill in name, email and create your own password after you click “sign up” (orange button)
6. Click orange button again “join the team”
In order to get back onto your personal page web address, go to www.crowdrise.com/butternut-race-team/fundraiser/yourchild’snamehere

How will Butternut Race Use the Funds?
We are conducting this fundraising drive in order to:

  • Offer additional race training clinics/camps  (for both for coaches and athletes) aimed at improving racer skills
  • Offer sponsored dryland training programs such as the Doug Lewis dryland training we initiated last Fall to improve ski conditioning prior to the start of the ski season
  • Improve physical spaces, including improvements to the race shack
  • Upgrade equipment needed to support training and races including gates, timing equipment, audio/visual equipment, video, etc.

Prizes for our Racers
We will offer 3 prize levels for racers who raise funds at the following levels to be awarded at the year end social on March 4th:
1. Raise $250 and receive a $25 gift certificate to SoCo Creamery in Great Barrington
2. Raise $500 and receive a $50 gift certificate to Robin’s Candy store in Great Barrington
3. Raise $1,000 and receive a $200 gift certificate to the Butternut Ski Shop

Thank you for your support.  By engaging our kids now and working together,  we can reach our goal!


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