Weekend Update: Feb 11-12

February 9, 2017


Saturday Feb 11 – Training & Races
Meet at pine trees behind the office (on the Paddy Wagon side) at 9am.
Meet at pine trees behind the office (Main St side) at 9:00am for the morning session.
U12 / U14: 
Meet at Triple Chair at 7:30am for Slalom. 
Slalom Race at Blandford
Be ready to be on snow no later than 8am.
Meet at Triple Chair at 7:30am for Slalom. 
Afternoon session (slalom) will go late (until 4:15pm) on Main St. for any racers that want to stay.

Sunday Feb 12 – Training & Races
Meet at pine trees behind the office (on the Paddy Wagon side) at 9am.
GS race at Blandford – Be at Blandford at 7:15am to pick up bibs in the lodge. 
This race will be 2 runs with over 300 kids racing.
Kids should meet coaches ready to go (bibs on) at the lift at 8:15am for course inspection.
Parents: Please remember that after your children completes the 1st run, you are responsible for them (they will NOT be with coaches) until it is time for the afternoon run.  An announcement will be made in the lodges when kids need to gather for the 2nd run.
Meet at Triple Chair at 8:00am for GS.
Meet at Race Shack at 12:30pm for Slalom.
Meet at Triple Chair at 8:00am for GS.
GS Race at Bousquet – Be ready to be on snow no later than 8am.


Interclub – Need Volunteers to Bring Jackets Down at Race on Sunday
Are you planning to ski at Blandford?  Help carry bags and get the kids jackets down to the bottom.  We need 3 volunteers that are planning to ski to help with this effort.  If we don’t get volunteers, the kids will be responsible for coming back up to retrieve their own clothing.  If you are able and willing,   please email butternutrace@gmail.com.

Post-Season Racing Information

Piche Qualification
Step 1:
WMASS is sending 17 U12 boys, 17 U12 girls, 13 U14 boys and 13 U14 girls to Wachusett Mountain on Saturday February 11th.

Step 2:
From the results of this Piche qualifier:

  • The expected U12 quota from GSC will be 10 boys and 10 girls
  • The expected U14 quota from GSC will be 8 boys and 8 girls
  • Very Important information regarding championship: Following Tri-State U14 Championship those ending up qualifying for both the Piche and the U14 Regional Champions will relinquish their Piche slot to the next alternate – regardless of organization affiliation.


  • Race is held at Gunstock Mountain (New Hampshire).
  • It starts on Wednesday March 15th 2017 with 3 practice days
  • GS race on Saturday March 18
  • Slalom race on Sunday March 19

This is considered a Post-Season event.  At these events, there is no guarantee that coaches will be present.  Coaches do make effort to go to these events, but it often difficult with work schedules.  It is the parent’s responsibility to make the travel arrangements for the athletes and families.   

USSA U19-U21 Finals (SG, GS, SL)

  • Tri state has been allotted 30 athletes (15 boys and 15 girls) for the 2016-17 season
  • Quota spots will be given to athletes who only do part of the series, full participation is encouraged

U16 Championships
All U16 athletes are qualified to go to Championships. At Championships athlete’s compete for opportunity to participate in Eastern Finals and Eastern Regional Championships.

Eastern Regional Championships

  • Usually only 5 athletes qualify (3 boys & 2 girls)
  • Eastern Regional Championships are March 9-14 at Stowe, VT

Eastern Finals

  • Usually around 23 athletes (12 boys & 11 girls) qualify but numbers vary slightly each year
  • Eastern Regional Finals are March 10-13 at Okemo, VT

Qualifying for both events is based on how an athlete finishes in the regular season and the Tri-State Championships February 25 at Bousquet and Feb 26 and Jiminy Peak.

U14 Championships
Qualification for Championships is a formula that tallies up all your results from the season and ranks the athletes. (The exact information can be found online but for the purpose of not confusing anyone we will leave it at – it is the season’s results that qualify you.)

  • Championships are Feb 25 at Sundown (Connecticut) and Feb 26 at Mt. Southington (Connecticut)
  • This is where athletes qualify for Eastern’s which are March 16-17 at Sunday River (Maine)
  • 7 boys and 6 girls will make up the MA team and that will include racers from Eastern MA

U12 Championships
All U12 athletes are qualified to go to Championships which are March 4-5 at Blandford.
The last event of the year for U12 is Piche’s at Gunstock Mountain (New Hampshire)

Fundraising Drive

So far $$4,300 has been raised!  Keep up the good work.

Save the Date 

Race Team Social & Fundraiser – Saturday March 4
More details to follow

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