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Race Club Management Team

For the 2016 – 2017 season we have decided to create a Butternut Race Club Management Team to help improve the operational effectiveness of our race club and take our program to the next level.  Given our growing race club size coupled with our desire to improve our planning and organization, we are asking for volunteers to fill the following Management Team positions for the 2016-2017 race season.  We are looking for parent volunteers from both Interclub and Tristate families.  We need a minimum of 10 people with a maximum of 20 (we may choose to assign more than one person per position to share responsibilities).

Commitments and Requirements: 

  1. Sign up for the season on or before November 15, 2016
  2. Attend Management Team meetings (weekly or bi-weekly as necessary) at the mountain during the season (likely after lunch at 12:30PM)
  3. Fulfill your assigned role
  4. Be available during the week to respond to emails to coordinate efforts
  5. Welcome and integrate new families
  6. Facilitate coordination of the program on behalf of the Race Club

Sign Up here:    or email us at butternutrace@gmail.com with any questions.

Deadline is November 15.

Management Team positions are:

Communications Team

The communications team consists of a Web Content Manager, Technical Webmaster, Email Manager and Social Media Manager. Since these functions are interrelated they will operate as a team and fulfill the following responsibilities:

1. Web Content Manager:  Manages updated content weekly on butternutrace.com;  Posts up to date information from Race Coordinator regarding weekly practice sessions, start times, slalom vs. GS training, etc.  Updates Website every Thursday during the season; Updates web content and calendar;  Coordinates information with Email Manager and Social Media manager

2. Technical Webmaster:   Manages technical aspects of the butternutrace.com website;  Google Docs sign- up sheets for events, management of e-commerce site,  Paypal, etc.

3. Email manager:  Develops weekly emails (Thursdays) to send to race club community during the season in email distribution tool; Coordinates content and messaging with Race Club Coordinator and Web Content Manager; Uploads photos and copy into email distribution tool.  Writes copy and subject lines;  Manages database and adds new email addresses as needed

4.  Social Media Manager:  Creates posts for Butternut Race Facebook and Instagram accounts; Coordinates posts with Web content manager and Email Manager;  Creates interesting posts with relevant ski racing content from other race sources like US ski team, skiracing.com and fisalpine, etc.

Additional Management Team Positions are generally independent of each other but will work with the communications team to communicate with the whole club

5. Race Jacket and Merchandise Manager:  Co-ordinates production of the race team jackets and their fulfillment to club members. Specific tasks include: downloading orders from e-commerce site, preparing spreadsheet with sizes and names for embroidery, coordinating orders with embroiderer, coordinating jacket orders with Butternut ski shop, etc.  Suggests other race club merchandise to purchase and resell for club.  Pre-orders jackets in Spring with Penny from Butternut Ski Shop.  Coordinates pick up with shop and parents.  Selects and orders coaches gifts for end of season social.

6. Social Manager:  Coordinates dates of socials and parent/coach meetings;  Meets with mountain Food and Beverage Manager to obtain approval of dates;   Orders food for catered events;  Coordinates social information for email and Web communication;  Manages food at socials;  Develops new ideas to improve social aspect of the club in and out of season

7.  Year End Raffle and Fund Raising Manager:  Develops ideas for club fundraising; Organizes year end raffle at the last social;  Communicates with race club community to obtain valuable donations for the raffle;  Coordinates off season fund raising outings.

8.  U12-U14 Tristate Race Gate Judge Manager:  Recruits parents for gate judging at Butternut U12-U14 race; Coordinates gate judge training with Race Coordinator and mountain staff;  Coordinates supplies for judges (clipboards, pencils, USSA cards, etc.);  Manages gate judges on race day. The bulk of the activity is on race day, however the position requires some advance planning and activity to recruit other gate judges and ensure they are trained by appropriate Butternut staff.

9.  Interclub Race SkillsQuest Manager:   Recruits parents to run Skills Quest stations for Butternut Interclub race; Coordinates with Race Coordinator number of staff per location and training of parents at each station.

10.  Interclub Race Gate Judge Manager:  Recruits parents for gate judging at Butternut Interclub race; Coordinates gate judge training with Race Coordinator and mountain staff; Coordinates supplies for judges (clipboards, pencils, USSA cards, etc.); Manages gate judges on race day. The bulk of the activity is on race day, however the position requires some advance planning and activity to recruit other gate judges and ensure they are trained by appropriate Butternut staff.

11.  Tristate Videographer:  Films racers during specified practice sessions; Edits footage and separates by race group:  (U12, U14, U16, U19); Provides footage to appropriate coaches for viewing in Race Shack with racers.

Butternut Ski Club

Butternut is fortunate to have a large and active group of parents and families supporting the racing program. Throughout the season, the club organizes a number of events to foster a social and community atmosphere within our racing community. These events are usually potluck style dinners or happy hours, held in the Upper Lodge after the area closes. The events are a great way to meet new families and a way to meet the coaches with whom you children spend their winter weekends. The ski club is also responsible for coordinating the volunteer effort necessary to host a race event. We have plenty of parents; if everyone helps just a little bit, the workload is rather light.

Volunteer Policy
During the competition season, Butternut usually hosts a couple of race events. Normally this is one Interclub race and one Tri-State slalom event. These events represent a major effort on the part of the mountain and the coaching staff. Hosting these events successfully requires a large effort from volunteer race parents.

Over the last several years, our team has grown. To produce successful races, we need and expect at least one parent from each racing family to volunteer for at least (4) hours.  The volunteering requirement can be fulfilled through a season long management position or volunteering on race day. If a family has multiple racers in different leagues in the program, then a parent should volunteer to assist both races.

Race Day Positions

In addition to the season long management positions described above, there is a need for volunteers for the day of our events. Here are descriptions of some roles that you can fill:

Race Registration Staff
Be at the Upper Lodge early (around 7:30) to welcome incoming athletes. You will be handling money, issuing race bibs and lift tickets as well as verifying that proper registration procedures have been met. At the end of the race, this group is responsible for collecting the bibs (in the finish area) following an athlete’s final run of the day.

Race Event Maintenance
While the coaching staff handles most of this on race days, we can always use help. You must be able to ski without poles and while carrying equipment. You will help with setting up the race arena; installing safety fencing, distributing spare gates along the course, slipping the course during the race and generally helping the coaching staff run a safe, efficient race event.

Check in at the timing shack (base of Main Street) by 8:00am. You must dress warmly as you will be standing on the hill. This is an important, but not overly difficult task (you do not need prior experience). You will watch a section of the course and verify that each racer passes around the gates in the proper fashion. If a racer faults, you will need to draw a small picture or diagram of what they did wrong (in case someone objects to your decision). There will be a Head Gatekeeper that will instruct and assist you in your tasks. At the end of the first run, bring your score cards down to the timing shack for collection. If we have sufficient volunteer participation, each parent will only need to gate-keep for a single run, please encourage others to help out.

Hand Timer
Two hand-timer volunteers are needed.  Hand-timing is a required back-up to the electronic timing system. The hand-timers should report to the start and finish areas 30 minutes prior to the start of each run. You will pick up stopwatch style timers from the race administrator at the timing shack. The hand-timer will record each athlete’s start and finish times relative to the actual time of day. This way, in the event of a problem with the main timing systems, a backup time can be accurately calculated.

The starter will remain at the starting line for the duration of each run. They will communicate with the timing crew and control the pace of the race. When ready, they will tell the athlete when to go, generally with a call of “racer ready…go”.

You must be at the finish shack 30 minutes before the start of each run of the event. You will be announcing the name and mountain of each competitor as well as the resulting times.

You will be responsible for handwriting the times onto the score sheet (attached to the outside of the race shack). While these are not “official times”, it is important to be accurate and clear, as this is the place most athletes and their parents go to see the results.

Skills Quest
You will be responsible for supervising one of four stations on Upper Main Street (above the race course). You will help line up the kids to participate in the individual skills.

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