Top 10 Items for Parents of Racers for a Successful Season

December 28, 2018

1. Butternut Race Club – check out the website often
The Butternut Race Club (BRC) is a group of parent volunteers (like your school PTA) that supports Butternut’s race program.  You can find lots and lots of info on this website. You can be alerted to when the site is updated by entering your email under the heading “Subscribe to Blog via Email” on the right side of the home page.

2. Weekly Emails- Read, read, read…..Every Thursday during the season you should receive an email from Butternut (the mountain) which will provide information regarding the training/racing for the upcoming weekend.  This email will include times, locations and necessary equipment needed for training.  Make sure you are receiving and reviewing these emails, and as with any sport relying on mother nature, last minute changes are anticipated. You can sign up for the mountain email at the bottom of this page. And, you should sign up to receive the BRC emails here.

Every Interclub and TriState athlete must have an active USSA membership.  Please renew or sign up on the US Ski & Snoward site.
Athletes should be registered as alpine competitors
Region: Eastern
Club: Butternut Ski Club
Here you will also pay the Tristate dues ($30.00)

4.Race Registration – D0 NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE!!
Pre-registration for every race is required!  
Mountains set their own deadlines as to when registration will close!
Sign up for the races at Admin Ski Racing
Either login with your info if you are returning or create a login if you are a new user.
Go to race sign up 
Division/Region: Tristate Eastern
Then you select by mountain the races you want to register for

5.Tri-State Parents – visit the Tri-State Website
For parents of racers in Tri-State visit its website which provides a ton of information about racing in Tri-State.  Become familiar with the rules of your child’s age group as they are very age specific.  Many questions can be easily answered on this website!

6.Equipment – make sure you have secured all equipment early in season!
Equipment Rules can be found here

  • Items to note, all racers (Interclub & Tri-state) need a full coverage helmet that has hard ear covers. 
  • U14 & Older athletes (born in 2006 and later) need helmets that are FIS approved and have the approved designation sticker on the helmet. 
  • Rules on ski length and radius begin and continue for U14 skiers and older.

7. Volunteer. 
Like any volunteer association the club is only as strong as its volunteer group!  Many hands make light work and volunteering is a great way to get involved and to meet new families!  There are many ways that you can volunteer throughout the season such as race day volunteers, socials or mentor programs.  Check out the club website’s volunteer page to see the opportunities.
8.Race Day
Athletes (and parents) eat breakfast, show up early and be ready on the mountain to meet your coach for inspection.
Have cash as some mountains require a cash deposit for bibs ($20-$25 usually)
9.Have your Child Set a Personal Goal
Racers all have different levels of ability.  Help your child set realistic personal goals at the beginning of the season and assist them in working towards those goals!  Your child’s coach can certainly assist with creating a specific goal and helping your child achieve it.
10.Have Fun! 
Although a race program – remember the ultimate goal is to develop better skiers/racers, foster friendships and enjoy skiing as a family!

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