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From time to time we will have specific need for volunteers or donations for races or socials. The sign-up sheets for those events will be listed below. In addition, the club need volunteers for its day to day operations and we welcome parents to contribute. In fact, without the contribution of parent’s valuable time the club can’t run efficiently.  If you are interested in pitching in, please sign up here or email with any questions.


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Year End Social 2019 volunteers

Date: March 9, 2019

Please sign up to help with one of the roles needed at the year end social.

Sign up below...

What Available Spots
Set-Up 3:45 - 4:30pm (organize furniture in upper lodge and other set up tasks) #1: Nikki K.
#2: Josh T.
Event Check-In & Hand stamper - 1st shift 4pm - 5pm (check in people that have preregistered) #1: Debbie M.
#2: Tara T.
Event Check-In & Hand stamper - 2nd shift 5pm - 6pm (check in people that have preregistered) #1: Nell W.
#2: Michel N.
Raffle ticket seller 1st shift (4:30 - 5:30pm) #1: Rich L.
#2: Bill M.
#3: Greg K.
Raffle ticket seller 2nd shift (5:30 - 6:30pm) #1: Jennifer B.
#2: Dave B.
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Merchandise Sales 1st shift 4 - 5pm (sell hats, ski straps, etc) #1: Alexis A.
#2: Gillian K.
Merchandise Sales 2nd shift 5 - 6pm (sell hats, ski straps, etc) #1: Elie M.
#2: Sinead M.
Room monitor 1st shift 4 - 5pm (keep tabs on raffle and silent auction items) #1: Beverly S.
#2: Zack F.
Room monitor 2nd shift 5 - 6pm (keep tabs on raffle and silent auction items) #1: Anthony G.
#2: Sandra G.
Dinner Servers 5:15 - 6pm (keep food buffet organized and stocked) #1: Casey G.
#2: Diana G.
#3: Kk K.
#4: Patty C.
Clean-up & pack cars 6:45 - 7pm #1: Jeremy B.
#2: Robin & Erez L.
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