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From time to time we will have specific need for volunteers or donations for races or socials. The sign-up sheets for those events will be listed below. In addition, the club need volunteers for its day to day operations and we welcome parents to contribute. In fact, without the contribution of parent’s valuable time the club can’t run efficiently.  If you are interested in pitching in, please sign up here or email with any questions.


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Volunteers for Tristate U12/U14 SL Race

Date: January 13, 2019

Butternut is hosting a Tristate U12/U14 SL Race on Sunday, Jan 13th and we need volunteers. No experience necessary! Race will start around 9:00; some roles start early and some later. We can't put on an efficient race without volunteers.

US Ski and Snowboard rules require gate judges, hand timers and a starter. The other positions help in the running of an efficient race.

Each gate judge and hand timer will receive a $50 Butternut Bucks card. The card can be used for food & beverage and in the ski shop.

For gate judges, please watch this training video prior to the race. It explains all the rules for gate judging. Note - this is a SL race so the rules applicable to that event apply. There will be a brief gate judge training meeting the day before the race at the mountain. Details and time will be emailed to the volunteers.

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What Available Spots
Gate Judges - First and Second Run - $50 Butternut Bucks Card for volunteers #1: John T.
#2: Alexander B.
#3: Claude A.
#4: Tobie C.
#5: Michel N.
#6: Brett K.
#7: Bob P.
#8: Tom w.
#9: Jonas O.
#10: Chris C.
#11: Paul A.
#12: Andrew B.
#13: Osman O.
#14: Leslie A.
Starter - first & second run (tell racer when to go, communicate by headset with timing crew) #1: Eddie E.
Registration (6:45am - 9am) #1: Andrew P.
#2: Bill M.
#3: Eric P.
#4: Patty C.
#5: Pom S.
#6: David G.
Coffee pick-up & set-up #1: Patricia B.
Scoreboard - record times on scoreboard (2 morning & 2 afternoon) #1: Niki S.
#2: Christine T.
#3: Tracy S.
#4: Joshua B.
Hand Timer (both runs) $50 Butternut Bucks card for volunteers #1: Casey G.
#2: Diana G.
#3: Marc W.
#4: David F.
Bib collector - from start of 2nd run until race is finished #1: Susan N.
#2: Jeremy B.
#3: Erez L.
Announcer - play by play and color commentary #1: Ann W.
Event Maintenance / Cleanup at end of race #1: Dan S.
#2: Chris S.
#3: Larry W.
#4: Zachary D.
#5: Jay S.