Race Tuning Program

We’ve arranged for a discounted race tuning program with a top tuning shop in the East.

In order for skis to perform their best they need to be properly set up. Once properly set-up the skis will be much easier to maintain during the course of the season by you or the athlete. The club has arranged a special deal with Peak Performance Ski Shop in Killington, VT for proper race tuning. Peak Performance is one of the few shops in the East that can perform true race tuning. They perform major tuning services for Killington Mountain School athletes and ski manufacturers will be using them to prep skis for the World Cup races at Killington the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Club members can receive a 15% discount on the Elite and World Cup tuning services as well as Hot Box waxing. Tuning services at these levels includes:

  • Removal of the sidewall
  • Grind and flatten base
  • Install event specific race structure
  • Setting the base angle to (your choice) either .5 or .7 degrees
  • Setting the side edge to race specs (3 degrees)
  • Polishing all edges
  • Applying and brushing Swix F4 hot wax

More information about these services and a video of their tuning machine can be found on their website.

We will be collecting skis that members want to be tuned at the Sunday, October 7 dryland training session and delivering them to the shop. We’ll have them collected and returned to Butternut by the end of October or they can be shipped to your home at an extra cost. The skis do not need to be mounted with a binding in order to be tuned. Meaning you can purchase your skis at Butternut on the fit day and ship them off to be tuned.

After receipt of the skis, Peak Performance will contact each member to discuss the appropriate tune for the skis given their condition. The pricing is $89 or $119 less 15% for the tunes and $35 or $65 less 15% for the hot box services.

In addition to the cost of the tune, the club will collect a fee around $10 per pair for shipping to and from Butternut. If there is anyone with a van, large SUV or pick-up truck that wants to earn some money to deliver and pick up the skis please contact Craig Zolan. If you are planning on sending skis, please let us know here