Pre-Season Reminders

October 3, 2016

As the ski season approaches here are some reminders.

  • Renew USSA membership at the My USSA site. Remember to do so before October 15 to avoid the late fee.
  • Sign up for a season pass on the Butternut website. Prices go up on November 1.
  • Sign up for the race program for your child. Prices go up on November 1 for these too.
  • Think about ski equipment for your kid. You can ask your child’s coach for guidance on what length and what type of skis should be used. You should also bear in mind that older kids (U14s and up) may be subject to new ski rules. You can see the rules here for the 2016-2017 season. Interclub racers can generally get by with one pair of multi-event skis. Tri-State racers will likely need two pairs of skis, one for each discipline SL and GS. If in doubt ask your child’s coach from last year.
  • You may have extra equipment that your child has outgrown and can be of use to others in the program. In addition to the ski swap that the Butternut ski shop will be hosting Oct 8-10 remember to post things in the classified section of this site.  Examples of things to post and look for are skis, boots, poles, race suits and protective gear such as shin guards, forearm guards, chin guard and pole guards.

The Butternut Ski Shop can order equipment and provides a very nice discount to race team athletes. Penny Spoja, Darcy Victory and Jay Barringer will be on hand the weekend of Oct 8th and 9th to personally fit the athletes for boots.

Of course there is the other stuff like putting on the car winter tires and the roof box. Getting stuff out of storage and the assorted other tasks with ski racing. Those can wait for a little while.

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