The team jackets that were ordered in the spring are available for pick-up in the ski shop. You can pick them up during normal shop hours now until the mountain opens for skiing. Once the mountain is open for skiing, pick-up will be during designated hours only.

This winter the Butternut Race Club is selling sweatshirts and t-shirts for racers and families who want to show off their team spirit! A small portion of each order will go to the Butternut Race Club. These items are only available for a short time.  The deadline to place an order is December 3rd.   You can choose to have the items shipped directly to you for a small shipping cost or pick them up for free from the club at Butternut. They will be available for pick up (if you choose that method) starting Sunday December 23 with time and location at the mountain TBD.  The sweatshirts are $40 each and the T-shirts are $20 each.  Youth and Adult sizes available.  A size guide is available online.  Order now!  There will not be any extras available.  December 3 will be the final cut off to order. 






Additional team merchandise – hats, ski straps and Spyder insulators are available at the Race Club online store all season, until supply runs out.

Dryland and Fitness Assessment

Jay Ogle, Director of Stratton Mountain School’s High Performance Center, returns to Butternut on Oct 28 to discuss the work he does to maximize performance among his athletes and conduct some assessments of our athletes. The assessments will serve as baseline scores we can work to improve. He will then introduce us to his Off-Piste training system which is derived from the fitness program followed by SMS racers in order to ready themselves for snow and reduce injuries. One session will be oriented toward youth racers and another oriented for parents and coaches — we need fitness and injury-reduction, too!! Those who want more can view the Off-Piste website here and enroll in the online program. Jay’s presentation will start at 9:30 a.m. and wrap up around 12:30 p.m.


Preseason Race Ski Tuning

A reminder that we’ll be collecting skis to be sent to Peak Performance Ski Shop in Killington for race tuning at the dryland training on Oct 28. Please sign-up here if you plan on sending skis.

Peak Performance is one of the few shops in the East that can perform true race tuning. They perform major tuning services for Killington Mountain School athletes and ski manufacturers will be using them to prep skis for the World Cup races. More information about these services and a video of their tuning machine can be found on their website. After receipt of the skis, Peak Performance will contact each member to discuss the appropriate tune for the skis given their condition.

The pricing is $99 or $149 (Elite and World Cup Services respectively) less 15% for the tuning and $35 or $65 (1 or 3 cycles respectively) less 15% for the hot box services. In addition to the cost of the tuning, the club will collect a fee of $20 per pair for shipping to and from Butternut.

Again, please sign-up here if you plan on sending skis. NOTE: we need 20 pairs of skis tuned in order to send them to VT.

Butternut Race Club now benefits by your purchases on AmazonSmile. Use this link when you shop on Amazon and a small portion of your purchase will benefit the club. Be sure to bookmark the link for future reference.

Get in shape and outfitted for the season at our annual dryland session with World Champion Medalist, Olympian and ski racing commentator Doug Lewis on Sunday Oct 7

Quick Overview with details below

Fit Day with the Manufacturer Reps – 8:30 to noon
Dryland training – 8:30 – 4pm (TriState, Interclub optional)
Lunch (bring your own) – Noon to 1pm
Ski drop-off for race tunes – Noon to 1pm

Fit Day from 8:30am – 12pm – Open to all racers, Interclub & Tristate

Sign up for an approximate time-slot here to meet with the vendors. Avoid long lines, limit how much of Doug Lewis’ session you miss, and help us spread out the traffic for the vendors! You will be able to meet with the manufacturer representatives and get expert advice on what equipment to purchase for the upcoming season. In addition, you get racer pricing on all equipment ordered on our Fit Day, which is typically wholesale pricing plus 10 – 20%.

Ski and boot vendors attending are: Atomic, Rossignol and MDV (Marker, Dalbello & Volkl) – Each will have skis, boots, bindings, poles, helmets, goggles on hand.  Rossignol also offers protection – Shin, back and hand.

POC & Bliz Helmets, goggles, sunglasses.  Plus POC also offers protection- Shins, Back, hand, forearm and more.

TOKO – full line of tuning equipment and ski care products

Dryland Training with Olympian Doug Lewis from 8:30 am – 4 pm

All athletes are welcome to join us for another fun, rewarding and informative day with Doug. Doug will be putting the athletes through their paces and imparting his wisdom to #makeitcount like no one else can. 

Dryland is included in the cost of Tristate Registration. No registration or sign-up required for TriState athletes.

Dryland is available at an additional cost for Interclub athletes.Click here to sign up

Bring your own lunch and eat with friends 12-1pm

Bring your lunch and grab a seat outside if nice or in the instructors lounge to eat and catch-up with your ski family friends.

Ski drop-off for ski race tuning at Peak Performance in VT 12-1pm

Once again the club is organizing a shipment of skis to go to Peak Performance for discounted race tuning so the skis will be properly tuned to start the season. It is one of the few shops in the east that can perform a true race tune and ski manufacturers will be using their facility to tune skis ahead of the World Cup races at Killington.  Click here for more info on the tuning services. Butternut Race Club families will receive 15% off the tuning and hot box prices listed on their website. If you are planning on sending skis, please let us know here. There will be a charge of $20 per pair of skis to ship them to and from VT. If we do not have 20 pairs being shipped we will not be shipping the skis.

Butternut Race Club is now on AmazonSmile

When you shop at Amazon using the link below a small portion of your sale will be donated by Amazon to the Butternut Race Club. Help out the club while you shop. Designate Butternut Race Club as your designated charity and everytime you shop at AmazonSmile you’ll contribute to the club.
Purchase your Ski Butternut season passes by 8/15/18 and earn THREE FREE unrestricted passes to Ski Blandford for each pass purchased.

Valid for Race Club Families only. 


August 31st brings to the close our early bird pricing on 2018/19 season passes so buy now to get the lowest rates and three bonus tickets to Ski Blandford. 
Ski Blandford will likely be hosting three races of various age groups this season. These passes can certainly be utilized on those days or it might be a fun family evening to go night skiing. However the tickets are used, we think you will find the newly renovated Ski Blandford a fun area to ski. Place your order by 8/15/18 to take advantage of this great offer. 

This offer is exclusive to the race club and represents an added value for your membership. Butternut very much appreciates the race family’s business and we thank you for your past and future support. 

-Ski Butternut Management 
For pricing and descriptions please use the links below.