Killington World Cup Parade Notice

October 10, 2017

We have a last minute opportunity to march in the opening parade of eastern USSA athletes at the World Cup on Sunday, November 26th. This is a parade of all youth athletes from the various clubs within each state / division within the eastern region of USSA. Butternut racers would be in a group with the other TriState clubs. We need preliminary numbers today, October 10th. If you are interested, please email the club’s email address: with your name and the number of athletes that are interested in participating. We’ll then relay this to the TriState parade coordinator.  

Preliminary Details:
1. Entry to the World Cup will be FREE for EASTERN USSA athletes and chaperones.
2. We will provide detailed information on BUS ACCESS to the World Cup Village.
3. We will have a designated STAGING AREA to organize the parade by State / Division.
4. Each athlete is asked to wear YOUR CLUB UNIFORM in the Parade.
5. Each Club will be responsible for supplying CHAPERONES for your group (roughly 1 chaperone per
every 10 kids), and for getting your team to and from the staging area.
6. We will march into DESIGNATED AREAS TO


Once we arrive, what do we do?
There will be an EASTERN USSA gathering area, adjacent to the Killington Ski Club, right near the base of the World Cup venue. It is within easy walking distance from where the busses will drop you off. REMEMBER to allow EXTRA TIME to pass through Security. Best bet is to wear layers and if you bring a small backpack, make sure it is not crammed with items that will slow down bag inspection or contain items that may be confiscated at the checkpoint.

OK, we’ve arrived and are at the venue. What’s next?
You and your State / Division team will be directed to a specific, cordoned off area, where you will be staged prior to the beginning of the parade. Once staged, each State / Division will be lined up by club. Once the parade begins, each State / Division will enter the venue, club-by-club and the announcer (USST World Champion Downhill medal winner, Doug Lewis) will introduce each group over the venue public address system. He will be using information supplied by each  club to highlight the history, famous alums and fun facts about each state, division and USSA club! A Club-info questionnaire / form will be forwarded to each Chairperson to distribute to participating clubs, once you RSVP.

So, we march into the venue. Where do we go?
You will be ushered right into the EASTERN USSA Viewing Area, right by the finish line. The area is large enough to accommodate app. 1,200 athletes, so there should be ample for all athletes, coaches and chaperones to gather. Once the parade has ended, each club / athlete may go wherever they like in the venue, but please respect all clubs participating in the parade by remaining in the viewing area until the last athletes have arrived.

What do we do after the parade?
This is entirely up to each club to organize. We highly recommend that you come up with a specific meeting place so that if one of your crew gets separated, they will know where their team and/or chaperones will know where to find them.

What should we wear?
Plan on “Mountain Weather” and dress accordingly. BE SURE TO WEAR WEATHERPROOF FOOTWEAR! Warm, waterproof boots are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Sneakers or Cha-Cha-high-heeled pumps are utterly discouraged!  Dress in layers. You’re ski racers. You know the drill. PLEASE WEAR YOUR CLUB UNIFORM and / or HAT!!!

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