Interclub: Sat Dec 26 Update from Race Director, Greg Knight

December 23, 2020

Dear Interclub Parents & Athletes:

Welcome to the Butternut 2020-2021 Interclub race program! I know we are all excited to get out and ski. A lot of important information below. 

The first day of training is Saturday December 26th.   The schedule this year will be a different due to Covid and limited use of the lodges.

Interclub Practice runs from 9:00am through 1:00pm.  (There is no break for lunch.)

  • Please arrive at 8:45am to check in.
  • Please pick your athlete up promptly at 1:00pm.

In preparation for Training:

  1. Please try to pick up your athletes’ season pass before Saturday. If not please arrive well before 9:00AM as the season pass window will be busy!
  2. Bring a snack and water Labeled with athlete name. Coaches will have bins at the race building for storage.  Coaches will work independently for breaks so large groups are not all there at the same time.
  3. Dress warmly – It will be cold Saturday morning! Hand warmers are good idea.
  4. Athletes will be required to have at least 1 mask Multiple masks are recommended as they get wet.

 For Saturday Morning:

  1. General meeting spot for Interclub is at the tree on the Main Street side of the video building at the Base.
  2. Groups will be organized by age-
  • New Race Families: Check in with staff with the clipboards (Rol,  Elie, and Jess)  
  • Returning Race Families: Each coach will be holding up a sign with an age, please meet the coach holding up your athletes age to check in with them. 
  1. Arrive at 8:45am. Groups will be heading to lifts at 9:00am.  If your child misses their group, they will need to wait at the bottom and be picked up when the group comes back down the mountain.  Kids should NOT head to the lift to try to catch their groups.

 General Mountain Information:

  • All athletes are to get ready in their cars or come with their ski clothes and boots on
    • If you have to get changed in the lodge, you are allowed 15 minutes and your bag must be returned to your vehicle
    • There is NO bag storage in the lodge
  • The drop off area by the Upper Lodge is closed this year.
  • Parking this year will certainly be different as families will be asked to use their vehicles as a “Base Lodge”. Please follow the guidance of the parking staff.
  • There is a limit to 2 people on a chair.
    • As a reminder, all Interclub athletes must be able to ride the chair on their own
    • For the younger athletes that may struggle putting the bar up or down, Butternut will have assistants staged at the lift lines whose sole job will be to ride up and down the lifts to help with the bar.
  • Butternut has put a lot of effort and safety protocols on protecting all of us.

If your athlete does not feel well, please do not bring them to practice

We need to protect our fellow athletes, coaches and Butternut employees.  Let us not be the reason skiing gets shut down.  If we all do our part, then we will have a successful and safe season.

See you all Saturday.


Greg Knight, Race Director

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