Interclub Info

This all-day program introduces skiers (ages 6-14) to alpine racing. Coaches will help athletes develop good fundamental skills, while introducing both the mental and physical elements of ski racing. The kids will have the opportunity to compete against racers from other Berkshire ski areas in both slalom and giant slalom events. These races will give the kids a chance to test their newly acquired skills in a competitive race environment.

Interclub divides the kids into many smaller age groups so that age specific development drills may be pursued. Butternut has over 100 kids in this program and close, lifelong bonds are developed between the kids and between the kids and their respective coaches.

The races are also divided into many age and gender groups and there is ample opportunity for the kids to experience success within the sport. There are 5 races each season spread over a variety of nearby ski areas. A U.S. Ski & Snowboard (USSS) & Tri-State membership is required.  (Tri-state membership is now included with the USSA membership.)

Upon experiencing consistent racing success and with the successful mastery of the various fundamental skills, an athlete is ready to move up to the Tristate Race program.

Daily Schedule
The daily schedule is generally consistent for the entire season. Keep in mind that despite variations in the weather (from pouring rain to bitter cold) the programs are never cancelled, unless the mountain itself is closed. Ski Butternut disseminates the schedule and training focus each week via email. To be added to the schedule emails please send an email to and is usually rebroadcast by the club’s newsletter. 

Within each program, there may be specific instructions given to the athletes regarding slight schedule changes or training plans. This schedule information may be posted on the website after distribution by Ski Butternut. In addition, feel free to contact your child’s coach directly with any questions.   Contact information for your coach is also listed on the website.

This program starts in December, continues with Christmas Race camp ends in early March. The program meets from 9:00-11:00am and from 12:00-2:00pm each day.  On race days, the coaches will be at the race events and will not be at the Butternut to train kids who have chosen not to race on that day. The meeting place is the pine trees at the bottom of Main Street.

USSS & Tri-State (TSARA) Membership
The U.S. Ski & Snowboard [] is the governing body of ski racing in our country. Membership in this organization is a requirement to participate in the sport, for insurance and other reasons.

  • Interclub athletes must register as a “Competitor” (at appropriate U10, U12 or U14 age bracket)

Athletes are also required to be a member of a regional organization, which for Butternut is called the Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Association []. Please make sure to register (or renew) each fall to be ready for the ski season. Your Tri-State registration is processed through USSA, so it is “one-stop shopping.”

Tri-State’s allocation of post season roster spots is based on our enrollment population as of December 1 each year, so it is critical to register and pay your dues before that date.

Race administrators are required to verify athletes membership before we can enter them on a race roster (and every year there are several athletes that fail to comply).

Interclub Race Entries
All registration and payment for Interclub races will be completed electronically by parents on   The Butternut Race Club code is “BUTT” which should be incorporated at registration.

  • Select the Region: Tri-state – Eastern
  • Scroll down and find the 5 Interclub races listed by the host mountain
  • Add each race to you cart (The race locations and dates can be found on our calendar)
  • The cost of each race is $30 
    Butternut has waived the cost of the home race.  Please enter “BUTT” for the club code for this race and you will be credited the $30 registration fee.
  • Registration done at the mountain the morning of the race (not completed on-line) will be subject to an additional $10 late fee on top of the $30 registration fee

Race Day
Some mountains may still require a cash deposit (usually $20) or a credit card or drivers license for the race bibs – please have cash or ID on you for the races.  Some of the mountains do not have ATMs on site.

Interclub races are long with about 250-300 racers. It is run from youngest to oldest age categories. Despite running at the end, the older racers need to arrive early so that they have time to inspect the course in the morning with their coaches. Course inspection is a skill learned by repetition and is an important skill to master. With proper inspection, a racer can ski faster, since he/she has seen the course and is ready for whatever the course throws in his/her direction (and are not simply reacting when something occurs).