Getting ready for the season starts now!

October 12, 2017

With the season around the corner, we put together a quick checklist of things to take care of well before the first frost.

  • Sign up or renew USSA membership at the My USSA site. Remember to do so before October 15 to avoid the late fee for renewing members.
  • Sign up for a season pass at Butternut before 12/1 when prices increase.
  • Sign up for the Butternut race program. Prices increase after 10/31. (Interclub here and TriState here)
  • Know the rules for ski length and radius for your children’s skis. The rules apply to U14s and older (athletes born in 2005/2004 are U14s for the ’17-18 season). Interclub racing is lax on enforcement of the rules, but if your child advances to post season competition from Interclub (E.g., Mass Piche Qualifier or Piche race) the rules will be enforced. Better to get the right equipment at the beginning of the season. The rules for the ’17-’18 season are here.
  • Make sure you have a FIS approved helmet for U14s and older for both Interclub and TriState athletes. If you don’t have the approved helmet your athlete may not be allowed to start on race-day. All younger athletes (Interclub & TriState) are required to have helmets with hard shells that cover the ears.
  • Think about ski equipment for your kid. Here is good chart to help determine what size ski to get your athlete. 
  • Get your kid’s skis a proper race tune. It’ll make life easier to maintain the condition later. Penny in the Butternut Ski Shop can help you with equipment and tuning.
  • If your child is moving into the TriState program, they will be racing SL and will likely need protective gear for the season – shin guards, forearm guards, chin guard and pole guards. Try and find used equipment. Our classified pages are a good place to buy and sell your equipment with other Butternut families.
  • While at it, think about the equipment you don’t need any more – stuff that has been outgrown – and sell it to other Butternut families on our classified site.
  • Keep up the training to get in shape for the season. Remember Doug Lewis’ drills or simply focus on legs, core and arms.


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