Dryland on Oct 28 and Preseason Ski Tuning

October 20, 2018

Dryland and Fitness Assessment

Jay Ogle, Director of Stratton Mountain School’s High Performance Center, returns to Butternut on Oct 28 to discuss the work he does to maximize performance among his athletes and conduct some assessments of our athletes. The assessments will serve as baseline scores we can work to improve. He will then introduce us to his Off-Piste training system which is derived from the fitness program followed by SMS racers in order to ready themselves for snow and reduce injuries. One session will be oriented toward youth racers and another oriented for parents and coaches — we need fitness and injury-reduction, too!! Those who want more can view the Off-Piste website here and enroll in the online program. Jay’s presentation will start at 9:30 a.m. and wrap up around 12:30 p.m.


Preseason Race Ski Tuning

A reminder that we’ll be collecting skis to be sent to Peak Performance Ski Shop in Killington for race tuning at the dryland training on Oct 28. Please sign-up here if you plan on sending skis.

Peak Performance is one of the few shops in the East that can perform true race tuning. They perform major tuning services for Killington Mountain School athletes and ski manufacturers will be using them to prep skis for the World Cup races. More information about these services and a video of their tuning machine can be found on their website. After receipt of the skis, Peak Performance will contact each member to discuss the appropriate tune for the skis given their condition.

The pricing is $99 or $149 (Elite and World Cup Services respectively) less 15% for the tuning and $35 or $65 (1 or 3 cycles respectively) less 15% for the hot box services. In addition to the cost of the tuning, the club will collect a fee of $20 per pair for shipping to and from Butternut.

Again, please sign-up here if you plan on sending skis. NOTE: we need 20 pairs of skis tuned in order to send them to VT.

Butternut Race Club now benefits by your purchases on AmazonSmile. Use this link when you shop on Amazon and a small portion of your purchase will benefit the club. Be sure to bookmark the link for future reference.

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