Tri-State Results

We will post results from Interclub races here as they become available. You may also find live updates and unofficial results on Please note that not all mountains update the results on

Congratulations to all the Butternut racers for a great day at Berkshire East. Please note: the results are not broken out by age category.  The U12 and U14 have been combined into one overall results page. This is the way they were given to us by Berkshire East. Sorry.

Berkshire East Results – Men’s

Berkshire East Results – Women’s

Here are the official results from the races at Blandford and Bousquet yesterday.  Congratulations to all the racers. Thank you to all the coaches. And, of course, thanks to all the parents.

Ladies TriState Bousquet Results

Men’s TriState Bousquet Results

Blandford – Interclub Final Results


Congratulations to all of our Butternut racers. We had a full day of racing on Saturday. The Interclub team ripped it up at Catamount, the U12/U14’s were at Berkshire East, the u16’s were at Blandford, and the u18/21’s were at Jiminy Peak. You can find the race results here: Butternut Race Results. (As of this posting – the U16 results were not available)

Congratulations to our Butternut Interclub racers who took home an amazing 30% of the trophies and medals. Congratulations to Kirsten Phang, Andrew Kaplan, Isabelle Nahon, Emma Nahon, Alexander Huber, Xander Meier, Molly Knight, Mia Calzolaio, Natalie Calman, Kathryn Barrett, Marlon Wool, Julian Aldridge, Lena Arnsten, Everett Harrington, Matthew Lussier, Taylor Calman, Taylor Knight, Alexandra Lennard (Fastest Woman On The Mountain), Sophia Smith, Andie Bodian &  Leigh Jacobsen. Congratulations also go out to Nicholas Coeytaux for his second place finish in the U14 race. And a mighty round of applause to all our racers who skied their hearts out on the mountain this weekend. By the look of the smiles in this photo, it seems like it was a pretty successful day. Go B-Nut!