Butternut U12-14 and Bousquet U-19 Race Postponed.

January 8, 2016

This Sunday’s U12-14 Tristate race hosted by Butternut has been cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday, February 21st due to high winds and heavy rain in the forecast.  The U19 Bousquet race this weekend has also been postponed.  For the Tristate U16 race at Berkshire East, please check the Tristate site for up to date postponement information by clicking here.  http://www.tristateskiracing.org/page/show/1336301-race-schedules

Because we expect a good day on Saturday, all Tristate racers should report to the race shack at 7:30 am for training on Main Street with slalom gear.

The parent/coach welcome meeting is still scheduled at 3:45 PM on Saturday in the upper lodge.  Please bring refreshments, as appetizers will be provided.

Race practice will go on as usual on Sunday.  Please bring Gore-tex and other water resistant jackets and clothing to prepare as best as possible for the weather.  Please check Facebook and Butternutrace.com for any last minute updates.  We’re all looking forward to getting on the snow and thanks for your patience as we work through all of the weather related issues this season.

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